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Nichols Stores - News and Events
Local Racer Cade Dillard to appear at Nichols Many 100th Anniversary Celebration

Nichols 100th Anniversary Associates Seminar

In celebration of Nichols 100th anniversary, a motivational seminar for Nichols sales associates was held on September 17, 2014 at Cypress Bend Resort on beautiful Toledo Bend Lake. Sales associates from Nichols in Many, Leesville, Winnfield, and Coushatta attended...

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Nichols 100th Anniversary Monthly Gift Card Giveaway

To commemorate our 100th Anniversary, Nichols will be giving away a $100 Gift Card each month from July thru December 2014 at each of our 5 locations. Just stop in and drop your name in the box! No Purchase Necessary! You may be a lucky winner! THANK YOU for shopping...

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Buck Fever @ DeQuincy – Great Success

Thank you all for coming to the DeQuincy store for our "Buck Fever" event last Saturday! It was a great day. Everyone enjoyed seeing Mr. Tadpole McLeod with his awesome Louisiana state record, Non-Typical Buck. Customers were able to take pictures of the deer and...

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